Skin Care in Summer

280920162Each woman takes care of her skin. However, I must say that depending on the time of year, looking very different. Depending on what kind of weather on the street, it is necessary to use various cosmetics. What kind of skin care is needed in the summer?

1. Dust. In warm and humid weather is very different microorganisms multiply rapidly. The air in the summer a lot of dust. In connection with this contaminated skin is twice as fast. Summer skin requires a deep cleansing of pores. To do this, use a scrub at home. That there was no black spots, it is necessary to apply a warm towel to the face. This is the best way since opening.
2. Sun Protection. In summer, it is necessary to use sunscreen. On exposure to sunlight the skin becomes dry and aging faster.
3. Dry. Summer skin is particularly dry. To prevent this it is necessary to humidify. It is important to moisturize the skin, not only with the help of cosmetics, but also consume a sufficient amount of water.

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