Sleeping Next to the Mobile Phone is Dangerous to Health

1209201613Many people today not for a moment to part with their mobile phones and gadgets. Even in bed, they always keep a smartphone in the hands, and when to go to bed, just put it next to him. Often this is done also to alarm installed in your phone, in the morning woke its owner.

But doctors say that sleep in close proximity to a mobile phone, is very harmful to our health. The great danger is that the negative impact of radio waves emitted by a mobile device, carried out quietly and gradually. You may not even notice how your smartphone gradually worsens the state of your own health, but it will take a certain period of time and you will definitely know it.

To protect yourself, experts recommend at night to keep the mobile phone in the other room, where no one is sleeping, or turn it off. This decision will help to keep your health and provide a good night’s sleep.

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