Sleeping With Makeup is Bad for the Skin

06111610Any girl using makeup to accentuate her beauty and dignity to disguise skin imperfections on the face.

However, after a hard and late to the party, many girls do not have time to clean the face of makeup and go to sleep in it. Unfortunately, such a decision, they do great damage to your skin.

The fact is that even the best quality cosmetics has one drawback – it clogs the pores in the skin. If you go to sleep with makeup, then scored on his pores will be subject to inflammation. This can cause the formation of black spots and acne on the face. In addition, if not removed from the ink eyelashes, it can lead to increased brittleness and inflammatory processes.

It is recommended to clean the face of makeup before going to bed, and lubricate it with a special moisturizer. This helps to significantly improve the condition of the skin and make it more healthy.

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