Slim Frenchwomen

19092168Every woman wants to be slim. But, if you look at many of the nation, we can come to a conclusion, the French are much less face the problem of excess weight. Why is this happening, let’s see?

1. Notebook. For three weeks, you need to write in a notebook all that you eat. Then it will be easier to present a more complete picture of your diet. All harmful products will be easy to identify and eliminate. Besides, it is easier to cope with the excess weight.
2. Onions. Every woman who wants to lose weight should eat onions. With this vegetable can improve metabolism.
3. Salad. For filling, use olive oil and lemon juice. In no case do not use mayonnaise. It is very important to give up junk food and cheap.
4. Semi-finished products. Once and for all give up the semis.
5. More traffic. The French move a lot. They are always active. They always give preference to the stairs, not the elevator.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult to be beautiful and graceful woman.

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