Smartphones Hinder Live Communication People

2210161Modern technology greatly simplifies our lives.

Having a cell phone in his pocket, we can easily communicate with different people and constantly be in touch. However, today’s smartphones have and reverse the negative side.

Today, psychologists often draw attention to the fact that a variety of mobile devices – phones, smart phones or tablets hinder live communication of people. In particular, the presence of the device forces constantly distracted in conversation in order to send or answer a call.

In addition, being able to communicate with any person on the phone, people are much less likely to meet and chat live. This greatly reduces their communication skills and makes it impossible to properly maintain their relationships and communication. Moreover, such a problem even invented the official name is fabbing. This is dependent on your smartphone when a man while interacting with friends or acquaintances can not be a long time to refrain from in order not to look at your phone.

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