Smoking can cause schizophrenia

0810166Probably hard to imagine anyone who still does not know about the harm of smoking.

We are constantly talking about it, not only all the experts and the media, and even the tobacco manufacturers. Every year, smoking and disease provoked by this harmful habit, hundreds of thousands of people die. Moreover, scientists regularly learn more and more dangerous consequences of smoking.

For example, recently, scientists from Switzerland conducted a study in which they tried to find out the impact of nicotine and cigarette smoke on TCF4 gene. It is this gene causes the development of various psychological disorders, particularly schizophrenia. Surprisingly, the effect of cigarettes on this gene is very strong.

As a result of experiments, we found out that smokers are much more likely to develop schizophrenia, bathed ordinary people. Moreover, this applies even passive smokers who become unwitting participants in this process, when living close to the smoker, but they do not smoke.

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