Smoking Causes Pain During Menstruation

1209201621Recent evidence suggests that girls who are in their teens smoked cigarettes, experiencing more severe pain during menstruation in adult life. Researchers from Australia clearly show statistics, which states that the complexity of menstrual cramps is significantly enhanced in the event that if a woman has a long experience of smoking cigarettes.

Conducted experiments prove them that easily and painlessly tolerate menstrual period, only 8% of women. At the same time, 29% experiencing severe pain, which prevent them from living a normal life and are forced to use painkillers. Among the 29% of women, the majority of those who start smoking between 13 and 18 years.

According to doctors, this trend is likely due to the fact that during early smoking girl in the body slows down blood flow in the arteries, which significantly aggravates the process of menstruation in adult life. In addition, smoking has a detrimental effect on the endocrine system and prevents conception process.

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