Smoking Parents

010920162At present, it is no secret that there are more people smoking. Very often you can see a picture of the park – a young mother sitting on a bench with her baby and smokes. Did she not understand, what does?

It seems that people who smoke are increasing. Especially dangerous is that many parents smoke in the presence of their children. Pregnant women can not give up the cigarettes, even during pregnancy. So what harm applied to children whose parents smoke?

Children whose parents smoke get sick more often colds and bronchitis. Such a terrible disease like asthma are also more common in children whose parents smoke. Children whose parents smoke are passive smokers. In the future it can play a cruel joke (chronic respiratory disease and cancer). Infant mortality at an early age is also associated with maternal smoking. But this can be avoided. The most important thing to want it and quit.

Lovely woman, maybe it’s time to think about their children, and not just about addiction ?!

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