Some of the Reasons Behind the Disease

18101615Many people, especially with age, no matter what kind of work they did, at least once in his life felt a pain in his back.

The causes of pain can be different and, to put the correct diagnosis can only be a doctor, so he felt the pain in the back or lower back, do not self-medicate.

In recent years, the majority of people, especially in offices, work at the computer, lead a sedentary lifestyle, so they often have pain in the back. In order to avoid this, it is necessary for every hour to warm up and during operation to choose the correct sitting posture without stooping.

Most surprisingly, a bad habit, such as smoking, can cause back pain, because nicotine promotes leaching of calcium from the body.

But, not only a sedentary lifestyle, but also a heavy physical work may adversely affect the condition of the spine. Also, it plays an important role in what position you sleep, it is best to do it on the back or the left side, but in any case not on the stomach.

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