Some Tips How to Avoid Colds

03111619Autumn is the one time of year when many people have a sense of longing, reduced activity, and some even become depressed.

This is not surprising, because the daylight hours getting shorter, often rains, besides, there are sharp temperature jumps, and all contribute to the deterioration of health.

But, most importantly, it is that most colds occur during this season of the year.

In order for your body was ready to resist the cold, it is necessary to constantly improve your immune system, and also comply with certain rules, one of which is frequent hand washing, and, always with soap and water. The fact that it is often the hands are carriers of the bacteria.

His diet should be such that it has more attended fresh fruits and vegetables, especially in the autumn period on the store shelves of their abundance, while in no case can not give up the morning meal as well as a full breakfast charges the body with energy to all day.

And, of course, required a daily walk, and, to make their need in any weather and it is desirable in those places where there is more green space, such as a park or forest.

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