Some Vegetables and Fruit Peels are Very Useful

24101620Most of us are accustomed to eating fruits and vegetables in a purified form.

However, doctors say that sometimes the treatment of certain types of fruit and vegetables can deprive you of a lot of extra vitamins and minerals.

For example, if you peel the apples, you lose a large amount of pectin. And it was the pectin is one of the most useful components for body cleansing and rejuvenating and improving skin condition.

Another product is the same – it is grapes. If you eat it without skin, it robs you of the useful trace element as resveratrol, which has great benefits for your heart.

Also pay special attention to the cucumber. In cucumber contains a sufficiently large amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and other nutrients, and most of them are found in the peel.

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