Some Vegetables Useful to Use With the Peel

25101617As everyone knows, in vegetables and fruits contain a large amount of vitamins and amino acids, without which it is difficult to work in the body.

Especially, such products are useful in fresh form, but if you choose to leave them in storage, it is best to freeze them, because they keep all useful properties.

Naturally, not all fruits and vegetables to be frozen, so enjoy them in the autumn.

Often, some people before to cook some food, or eating vegetables raw, clean peel, unaware of the fact that it is much more useful substances than in the pulp of the fruit.

Such products include, for example, potatoes on the cleanup which contains large amounts of iron, so that more good will from the boiled potatoes, cooked with the skin.

As for fresh cucumbers, then magnesium, potassium and vitamin A, the majority of these elements is precisely in the skin, therefore, in the preparation of salads, do not clean them.

The benefits of apple has long been known, but they must also be consumed whole, and remember, if every day to eat an apple, you will improve their health and extend your life.

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