Sources of Allergy in the Apartment

Currently, more and more people are allergic. Even, the newborn is not immune from this disease.

Why is this happening? This question is of concern to many.

I want to say right away that very often the main sources of the problem lie on the surface. In modern apartments there are extremely many items that cause disease.

1. Flowers. Indoor flowers can be a hotbed of mold. As you know, it has a bad effect on human health.
2. Pets. Many people think that they are allergic to wool. But it is not so. Most often, the allergy is on saliva, animal dander.
3. Carpets. Do not hang carpets everywhere. This only leads to the fact that carpets accumulate dust. All these allergens, people are constantly breathing.
4. Books. Books are a real dust bag. Never noticed the smell of books from the library. True, the dust. In addition, they can live in ticks. Do not keep a lot of books at home.

Make your apartment more spacious. You do not need to collect unnecessary things in rey.

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