Sources of Vitamin D

260920166Everyone wants to be healthy and protected from many diseases. To achieve this you need to use vitamins. However, few people know how useful vitamin D, and in what products it contains.

If you regularly eat foods containing this vitamin, it is possible to prevent the following diseases: diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and others.

Thus, vitamin D contained in sunlight (about 80%). That it is necessary to properly elaborated want to be 30 minutes a day to spend outdoors in sunny weather.

Another source of vitamin – is cod liver oil. Not everyone loves this product, but it is very useful for the organism.

Seafood. Many vitamin D in salmon and tuna. It is important that the vitamin is not destroyed by freezing the product. Of course, the shrimp are also rich in this vitamin.

Milk. Regardless of the type of milk, it contains a lot of vitamin D.

Eggs are also an excellent source of this vitamin. The day should eat two eggs.

Mushrooms. In the white mushrooms contain a lot of vitamin.

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