Spicy Food Can Prolong Life

10111619Do you like to eat spicy food? In this case, you should be aware that this kind of product is very useful for our body.

It turns out that regular intake of a variety of acute food products can effectively promote metabolism and improve circulation.

It is to this study came the medical staff-base Kadoorie Biobank, which analyzed the medical histories of more than 500 thousand patients. It was found that among those who are least prone to various diseases, those who lead a healthy lifestyle, had no bad habits … and regularly consumed spicy food.

According to these studies, the regular consumption of hot spices or sauces risk of developing diseases related to the heart is reduced significantly. Furthermore, the likelihood of premature death is reduced by about 10-15%.

First of all it concerns such spices:

• Chilli;
• Cayenne pepper;
• Wasabi;
• Tabasco.

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