Sport After 45

1808201612Everyone must be engaged in sports. With the help of physical activity can not only look beautiful and attractive, but also improve their health.

But what if a woman has more than 45 years? Should I go in for sports in general? It might be better to abandon this venture? In this regard, you need to understand.

So, you need to engage in sport, regardless of age. Of course, the training will not be as intense, but do not leave the body without exercise. If a history of any disease, you should consult a doctor and choose the sport that will benefit. In addition, women in adulthood due to hormonal disorders, may gain weight. With the help of fitness can be avoided. Sport – is the prevention of not only obesity, but also many heart diseases. Sports and depression – is incompatible concepts. Everyone knows that during exercise the body’s hormones are allocated special joy. From this improves mood in humans.

To smile and be friendly to others!

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