Sports during Pregnancy

Pregnancy – as many women dream about it. It is only important to understand that this is not only pleasant, but also very responsible. During this period, a woman should take care of herself. Avoid crowded places so as not to catch the infection.

And what about sports training? Is it worth doing sports at this time? This question interests all future mothers?

I want to immediately note that if there are no contraindications, then light training will not be a hindrance. But this issue is best discussed privately with your gynecologist.

As for the training regime, they should be as light as possible. Download the press in this period is not worth it. This is a huge risk.

Many experts recommend doing yoga, shaping. But still the first place is swimming. This occupation is liked by everyone without exception. During swimming, the muscles of the back relax and the tension goes away. Pain and heaviness in the back are private “companions” during pregnancy.

Lovely women, pregnancy is not a disease. Always know and remember this.

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