Stress at Work is Very Dangerous to Health

22101610If your work is often closely associated with a variety of stressful situations, it is certainly a big problem, and a very negative impact on health.

Doctors warn that stress and scandals in the workplace are very dangerous and increases the risk of various heart diseases and even increases the mortality rate.

Recent studies in this area once again prove the existence of such a relationship. A group of scientists conducted a scientific experiment, in which examined the health of 2,500 people. They tested them for 7 years, during which the dependence of particular stress on health. It turns out that those people who have a professional activity is closely connected with the daily stress and psychological tension, approximately 35% have a higher chance of premature death due to various health problems.

Conversely, if the work is fun and the people on it practically faced with stress, the life expectancy of this increases greatly.

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