Stress Can Help to Find New Friends

100820162Israeli scientists have published a few days ago a very interesting report, which describe the relationship between stress and the desire to make new acquaintances. It turns out that the human body has a molecule that is responsible for the emergence of stress. But the most amazing thing is that it is this molecule, and causes us to look for new friends or start a new relationship.

Research conducted at these mice have proved in practice that is under stress state of the mouse much more actively begin to interact with other individuals. Here, when the content of the molecule was the lowest, the mouse communicating with only those congeners as before. But as soon as the content increases the molecule, they are trying to make new friends while ignoring his old friends.

By analogy with the behavior of the mice, scientists have argued that the same way there are people. They also have such a molecule that forces under stress to look for new friends.

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