Stress contributes to obesity

2908162Many of us often get nervous and faced with stress.

It is well known that stress negatively affect the body and are the cause of many diseases. However, it was recently discovered another negative effects of stress on the body. It turns out that the constant irritability, nervousness and depression contribute to a set of excess body weight.

The research, which was attended by about 60 women aged from 45 to 55 years, confirmed that due to the constant stress the body much more quickly gaining fat mass. Scientists point out that this phenomenon is directly related to the protective function of the body. Our brain perceives any stress as a signal to the inclusion of the accumulation of reserves. When we are nervous or swear, experiencing or are in a state of depression, the body begins to actively stored energy – fat. So he’s trying to help us to preserve the viability, if not a full-fledged power supply and other problems.

Therefore, if you want to have a perfect figure, it is necessary not only to monitor their diet, but try to avoid severe stress.

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