Stress Interferes with Male Sex

180920169Men who are often in a state of depression or having to cope with stress, rather rapidly losing interest in sex. This Australian researchers wrote in an article entitled “How stress affects male sexuality.” It turns out that if men are often in stressful situations, their desire to have sex with his wife or girlfriend does not occur more frequently than 2 times per month. As a result of low activity in the male body is slowing down the process of production of testosterone, which negatively affects the general state of health.

Unfortunately, the sad facts of Statistics show that currently one in six men in Australia will have sex no more than 2 times in a calendar month. It is noteworthy that reviews the men themselves, the less they might be sex, the less desire to engage in them. Also on rare sex and pleasure is lost, and often have problems with erection.

If you want to lead an active sex life, you need not only to have a loving woman next to you, but also to get rid of various stresses that interfere with it.

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