Strong Women

060920163Everyone thinks that women – is the weaker sex. Yes, a woman is physically weaker than men. But, on second thought, that women are much stronger than men in the spiritual plane. What are women’s strengths?

1. Mercy. Women are very sensitive. They can always regret, and a kitten, and the abandoned child and an elderly man.
2. Patience. Women are very patient. They are ready to a thousand times a day to repeat to the child what you can do, and what not.
3. Flexibility. Women are very adaptable. Just look how the woman unable to talk with relatives of her husband.
4. Endurance. Note the behavior of the sick women and men. If the sick man, it can not be in the house, even to speak loudly. If a woman is not feeling well, you must first of all to collect and spend in school or work, and then go to the hospital itself.
5. Tenderness. A woman can soothe and caress. At such moments, it seems that all the problems go away by themselves.
6. Faith. The woman is the last to believe in the good will of all the cheering.

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