Summer is Dangerous to Use Children’s Trampolines

130820164Today, many parents buy their children a special inflatable trampolines and set them in the yard of his house. Naturally, they want a way to increase the activity of the child and make it happen more often in the open air. However, experts note that the hot weather is better to refrain from jumping on the trampoline because it can be dangerous to your health.

As part of the trampoline it is comprised almost entirely of rubber, with a strong heat it creates on the surface of the same climate as the interior of a car left in the open sun in the parking lot. As a result, a child with a long stay in such a microclimate gets heat stroke and can lose consciousness. For this reason, leave their children jump on summer rubber, inflatable trampoline without adult supervision is very dangerous.

Doctors warn that if the child after getting heat stroke is not isolated from this climate for a few minutes, it can lead to very harmful consequences or even result in death.

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