Superstition in Pregnancy

300820162Every woman during pregnancy is trying to do everything right, so as not to harm the child. Mom is ready to do anything to protect her child. A pregnant woman is very vulnerable and impressionable. However, one should not dramatize too. There are many myths in pregnancy, which simply groundless.

1. Mowing. Many women during pregnancy do not go to the hairdresser. This is due to the fact that the people have noticed that during the haircut mom shortens the life of your child. Yes, probably, it is better to go and let my mother develops strabismus (especially true for women with bangs).
2. Shopping. You can not buy your child anything in advance. This applies to things, cribs, strollers. The hospital does not need anything. After the birth will be plenty of time my mother to go shopping and buy everything you need. Yes, this task can be entrusted to my mother. But no one gives a guarantee that will be bought oats to your taste.
3. Raising hands. There is a superstition that the pregnant woman can not raise their hands above their heads. This is due to the fact that the delivery may commence prematurely. All nine months let hang your laundry neighbors.

Cute, women, believe in any signs or not, it depends on you. If you are so calm, stick to them. If you are a modern person, you live peacefully and not worry about anything.

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