Survive the Menopause

Menopause – this is a special period in the life of every woman. During this period, there is attenuation reproductive function.

So what should you do to menopause was more painless?

1. Tides. During this period, women are often faced with the tides. Remember, women with a normal body weight is easier to tolerate them. In this regard, the need to monitor their diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits. But you need to give up sweets.
2. Small portions. Learn to eat fractionally. This will not overeat.
3. Fish. Include in the diet of fish low-fat varieties. With its help, you can saturate the brain essential nutrients.
4. Salt. To salt the food should be as small as possible.
5. Alcohol. No need to drink a lot. Once a week you can enjoy a glass of wine.
6. Calcium. Eat more cottage cheese, cheese. They contain calcium, which is so necessary for an organism during this period.
7. Cooking. The food is prepared best for a couple. From fried foods should be discarded.

As you can see, to survive this period, it is necessary to adjust the diet and plenty of rest.

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