Sweets Can Be Useful

27101620I love to be pampered sweet, but carefully follow the quantity eaten, because they are afraid to spoil her figure?

Finally an opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief! Studies by American scientists have shown that the state of human health and the weight does not depend on the amount eaten them chocolate and other sweets.

Doctors, nutritionists decided to find out whether the sweet intake is associated with a variety of health problems in humans. For this was an experimental study, which was attended by about 5000 volunteers.

The experimental result was astonishing for its unexpected conclusion! It was found that people who limit the amount of sweets in your diet, do not have as many problems with being overweight than those who eat sweets without measure. They also found that consumption of sweets has no effect on the overall well-being and in particular on the work of his cardiovascular system.
Are you still worried about the state of the figure, and are afraid of excess weight? Then you need to know that pampering yourself sweet treats in small amounts, on average, the body will get about 45 calories per day. What it constitutes only 2% of the required amount of calories the body.

According to doctors, nutritionists, the desire to eat sweet occurs in humans with a deficiency of vitamin B. Quite often, it is the absence of a cause of poor health.
Remember, a cake or a favorite candy is not a crime. You can give yourself this joy!

Source: www.goods-eu.com