Swimming Helps to Lose Weight

120820162Today, in every magazine you can find a huge number of different physical exercises that help to lose weight. However, in order to lose weight is not necessary to run or squat with a barbell in the gym – just … float. As shown by recent studies, regular swimming in the pool or in any natural body of water has a powerful effect zhiroszhigatelny and allows you to quickly dump excess weight and obtain optimal muscle tone.

Experts note that the faster a person floating in the water, the more calories it burns. Since water has a resistance body 13 times greater than the air, in order to simply walking in the water person has to use a large amount of energy. Even if you just hang on the body afloat for 60 minutes, let it burn about 300 calories in the body. With vigorous swimming every day for 30-40 minutes a day, after a few weeks it will be possible to obtain effective results and lose weight.

In addition to weight loss, swimming is very useful for alignment of the spine, as well as to improve blood circulation and normalization of the nervous system.

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