Symptoms that Indicate a Lack of Squirrel

02111617For normal operation of our body, it must receive the necessary amounts of vitamins, amino acids and protein, most of which are in the foods we eat.

Some people who are struggling with being overweight, go on a diet, it does not include in your diet foods that contain protein, but they do not realize what harm they cause to the body.

Determine the protein shortage can help some symptoms, one of which is the constant feeling of hunger.

If you, at the slightest stress, pain in muscles and joints, as well as fatigue, it also indicates, that you have protein deficiency.

Also, due to the lack of protein in humans there is a weak immune system, so often there are various kinds of diseases.

Phenomena such as hair loss, dry skin and brittle nails, indicating that not enough food containing the protein in your menu, therefore, recommended to use products such as meat, mushrooms, eggs in small quantities.

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