Synthetic materials adversely affect the human body

30091611Human health depends on many factors, one of which is wear, because, recently, synthetic materials are increasingly replacing natural tissue.

It would seem, at first glance little difference in these materials does not exist, but as it turned out, synthetics an adverse effect on human skin, causing her irritation. However, not only skin diseases can occur due to constant exposure to synthetic fibers, as they adversely affect the nervous system, causing the person has insomnia and irritability.

The reason for this is the static electricity which occurs when the friction with the human body tissue. Also, the dyes that are used in the finishing of fabrics, negatively affect the skin, causing allergies and dermatitis.

Despite the fact that natural fabrics are more expensive than synthetics, it is better to buy clothes because of such materials, because saving money when buying synthetic products in the future will have to spend more money in order to cure the diseases, which may arise from -this use of such material.