Table Number 5

Everyone knows that it is important to eat right. Proper and balanced diet – is the key to good health. But not all people follow this simple rule. You always want to eat a product that is to put it mildly, not very useful for health.

But what if there was not, you should always strive for the best. Let’s look at the features of the diet, which is applied to the liver began to work better.

So, what features or table №5 diet?

1. Boiled food. No fried food. Only boiled or baked foods in the oven. Such food is much more useful and liver will work without stress.
2. Fruits. As for fruits, it is best to eat them roasted. For example, baked apples contain in its composition is not less nutrients than fresh.
3. Cookies. Cookies can only eat dry, without greasy cream inside. Bold Cream interfere with normal liver function.
4. Meat and fish. As regards these products, it is best to choose lean (chicken, hake). From pork is best abandoned.

As you can see, you can adhere to proper nutrition. Besides, it is not so difficult.

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