Tattoo on the Lower Back is Dangerous for Women’s Health

1510163In pursuit of fashion trends and trends in the beauty of many modern women trying to change your body, or decorate it with a tattoo.

One of the most popular areas for feminine tattoos is the lumbar region. It is believed that it gives a woman more sexual, and very much like men.

However, do not hurry to go to a tattoo parlor to enjoy yourself this figure. It turns out that this element of decor on your body greatly affects the health. Doctors warn that women who make a tattoo on the lower back, a great risk. In particular, they will not be able to pass an MRI examination, and to do anesthesia during labor or cesarean section.

In addition, according to experts, with the prick tattoo there is always a high probability of infection, especially if it is done by non-professionals.

Therefore, before deciding on such a procedure, once again think about the health effects.

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