Tears Help our Bodies

15101619Everyone is born with tears in his eyes.

In addition, virtually throughout childhood, we are constantly crying for a different occasion, however, when we become adults, then stop doing it. Many feel the desire to cry somehow wrong or shameful, so try to restrain emotions. Meanwhile, the decision is fundamentally wrong. As the results of the study, human tears are of great importance for our health.

When a person cries, his body is trying to cope with stress. As a result of this process of our body are derived stress hormones, which are dangerous to health. Thus, there detoxification of harmful elements and substances.

Furthermore, tears helps improve vision. When the human eye is overstrained, the tears will automatically clean it and humidify the membrane, which helps to protect eyesight.

In psychological terms, the tears are the best solution, because once people wept, he immediately observed improvement in mood and general well-being.

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