Teeth Whitening

0609201610Everyone dreams of a Hollywood smile. This is a very beautiful and attractive. Especially on a snow-white smile dream woman.

However, the bleaching procedure itself can harm the teeth. To avoid this, you can use the simpler tools or products to your teeth are white.

1. Banana peel. Teeth need to be processed banana peel. After treatment for 15 minutes did not eat.
2. Cheese. With cheese can not only make the teeth whiter, but also to clear bacteria from the oral cavity.
3. Strawberry. Most often, Hollywood stars whiten teeth using this berry. Please note, you can cook a toothpaste based on it.
4. Apple cider vinegar. The vinegar should be diluted with water (1: 1) and brush your teeth as usual.
5. Soda and lemon zest. Two of the above ingredients to mix and brush your teeth. Results will be visible after a few treatments. Note, this cleaning is not necessary to do very often (can suffer tooth enamel).
6. Carrying out the procedure. All teeth whitening procedure should be done before bedtime. After its implementation need to abandon the use of coloring products (wine, coffee).

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