Terms Lunch at Work

13101619Many office workers or employees in enterprises do not eat lunch at work.

In general, they prefer to eat sandwiches, pizza or fast food, drinking it all a cup of sweet drinks or coffee. However, a poor diet can quickly lead to various health problems. If you want to avoid them, then it is best to stick to the rules and useful advice in this case.

In particular, experts from the University of New York, noted that universal prescription ideal nutrition for all categories of people is almost non-existent.

On the contrary, it is much better when you get proper nutrition and calories, using their own experience and the body’s response to a particular dish.

Naturally, in this case, it is important to observe the correct proportions – do not overeat, but do not go hungry. It is advisable to have your lunch consisted of several courses, among which was a side dish, meat or fish. Very useful vegetables and fruits, and from drinks – tea or coffee.

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