Terms of Healthy Women

0709201610Every woman wants to be not only beautiful, but also healthy. To less sick, you need to follow simple rules. In fact, there is nothing complicated about it.

1. Cleanliness. Cleaning should be followed, but without fanaticism. In the measure is necessary and common sense.
2. Contraception. Oral contraceptives not only prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also reduce the chance of developing ovarian cancer.
3. Tea. Women are very useful to drink tea. Black tea has a heart attack and prevention of dental caries. As for Coke, then its use should be abandoned.
4. Alcohol and smoking. Alcoholic beverages should not be used, since they contribute to the development of cancer. With regard to smoking, this habit is also detrimental to women’s health.
5. Diet. If you have a normal weight, you should not go on a diet. Eating should be full.
6. Vitamins. For women, very useful vitamins: folic acid, B6 and B12.
7. Tablets. Do not abuse drugs. The first time you feel unwell, do not rush to take pills.
8. Sex. You can rejuvenate your body with the help of regular sex. Scientists claim that 200 orgasms a year and can be under the age of at least 5-6 years. Besides, it is quite a pleasant experience, which improves the immune system and mood.

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