Terms of Self-Massage

150820166Everyone at least once visited a massage therapist. How nice when knead every muscle and every millimeter of the body. As known by a massage can improve circulation. In addition, it is not necessary to go to a massage therapist, because you can always make your own massage. So today will investigate its basic rules.

1. Time. Self-massage is best done immediately after waking up or before going to bed. Do not do it after eating. Self massage can take about 30 minutes. If you get up early for work, then this fact should be taken into account so as not to be late.
2. Preparation. It is important to always be prepared for the procedure. It is necessary to take off all jewelry and lubricate your hands with alcohol. After that, you need to take a position that is convenient for you. To do massages been easier, lubricate your hands with oil.
3. The course of massage. To begin with you need to massage the lower part (legs) and finish the top (head).
4. Movement. It is very important that the movements were smooth and does not injure the skin.
5. What to do after a massage? After the massage, take a contrast shower.

However, self-massage can be carried out not always. It is contraindicated in: at elevated temperature, rash, fatigue and problems with veins.

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