Terms of Use washcloth shower

05101612All people while taking a shower or bath, accustomed to using washcloths, because with their help possible to more thoroughly wash your body.

But it turns out that the use of washcloths can do more harm than good. Most dermatologists point out that they are accessed by patients with skin disease, which, as it turns out, were obtained from the use of washcloths.

The fact that during washing on a porous surface, some particles remain sponges which subsequently transformed into bacteria, and this is sufficient for 24 hours. Due to the fact that in the bathroom high humidity and high temperature, reproduction takes place rather quickly.

To avoid such troubles, you should change the washcloth at least once a month. In addition, before and after swimming, it should be scalded with boiling water to kill germs. Freshly shaven body sites is not recommended to wash the wool, because there is a high probability of getting the bacteria, even after minor skin damage.

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