The bad tea bags

05101617Tea is such a drink, without which it is impossible to imagine modern society, since it is drunk not only at home but also at work, while snacking and even in the campaigns.

However, despite the fact that there are many varieties of tea, not all of them are good for you, and some of them may even be harmful.

British scientists conducted a series of experiments, concluded that in the tea, which is sold in bags, contains a large amount of fluorine. This is due to the fact that for its manufacturing use older tea leaves, where that substance is accumulated more than in the fresh leaves. This is especially true of those teas that are sold at low prices.

Given the fact that the person for a day drink a few cups of tea, he gets a big dose of fluoride, while for the body daily rate should not exceed 4 mg. As for black tea, it is recommended to use it immediately after welding, pre-cool to 40 degrees, at the same time, do not store it in a teapot for a long time.

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