The Basic Rules of Health and Long Life

Everyone wants to live long. At the same time, nobody wants to be sick. In all of the body’s depleted illness. Next, you need a certain period of time, which would rejuvenate.

It is known to avoid treatment can best be preventative measures. So what should you do to get sick less colds?

1. Stress. Protect your life from stressful situations. Nervous tension greatly undermines the human immune system.
2. Positive emotions. Enjoy life. Get more out of life with joy and positive emotions.
3. Nutrition. Follow the diet. It should include all the B vitamins.
4. Vitamins. Do not forget, all year long to eat vegetables and fruits. These are products that contain huge amounts of vitamins and minerals.
5. Rest. Learn to relax. No need to take on all the work. Recreation – is the key to good health and immunity. If possible, sleep in the afternoon. Daytime sleep is important for our body.

Be healthy!

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