The Benefit of Lemon Peel

250920161Everyone knows that the lemon is one of the most useful fruits for our body. However, quite often in the food we eat only the inside of the fruit, but the peel throw in the trash. Meanwhile, it is, it contains the largest number of vitamins that can help restore your health and provide it with all necessary nutrients.

In particular, the studies show, lemon peel contains approximately 6-12 times more nutrients and vitamins than the juice of the fruit itself.

In addition to a large percentage of the C vitamin, lemon peel also contains potassium, magnesium, calcium and many other useful components.
Scientific experiments show that regular consumption of lemon peel helps fight the manifestation of cancer cells and improves skin condition. In addition, this product helps to establish a well-functioning of the immune system and protect themselves from seasonal colds. It is best to use the zest frozen as an additive to cocktails or just a meal.

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