The Benefits of Daytime Sleep

1809201610From early childhood, we were told that the day is very helpful to sleep and that is a necessary measure in order to maintain a full day biorhythm. Indeed, in many cases after a few hours of sleep during the day people can relax a bit and feel more energy. However, such an effect is obtained by daytime sleep is not all.

For example, there is a certain category of people who sleep during the day, not only does not help, but, on the contrary, significantly hinders fully relax. In particular, many people who are prone to insomnia, after a nap exacerbate the problem. They are much more difficult to fall asleep at night, which negatively affects the activity of the entire nervous system and general health.

However, if you do not have problems with insomnia and in the afternoon you feel very tired, then short siesta for 40-45 minutes will help you a very good rest and restore its performance. Experience shows that those who practice nap, have a high efficiency in the afternoon period of the day, and less likely to have problems with memory. In addition, naps helps if you have high blood pressure.

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