The benefits of green bananas

17101613In our time, the stores can meet a wide variety of exotic fruits and vegetables, of which we know little.

For example, buying bananas, we do not suspect that some varieties of these fruits are stern, and according to experts, they do not have the amount of nutrients, such as green bananas.

Green bananas have a pleasant sweet taste, which is especially popular with the children, but, in addition to flavor, they contain carbohydrates, calcium and vitamins of different groups. Eating one green bananas in a day, you are 95% effective in preventing the risk of heart disease. People who have suffered a heart attack, doctors recommend a daily basis include in your diet, this exotic fruit.

Due to its composition bananas reduce acidity in the stomach, thereby preventing the occurrence of inflammatory, ulcerative disease provoking. In addition, due to the fact that the fruit is saturated with large amount of vitamins, it can improve the human immune system.

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