The Benefits of Laughter

070920164Everyone smiles in life. Someone does often, and someone less. But it is worth noting that laughter is very good for health. In this regard, no need to buy a smile. Smile more often, in order to become healthier and happier.

1. The analgesic. Laughter copes with pain. This is due to the fact that during laughter secrete hormones of joy.
2. The heart and lungs. During laughter vessels dilate, so the pressure is reduced. And it is an excellent prevention of heart attack. Light during laughter also active.
3. Immunity. With laughter can strengthen the immune system.
4. Skin. People who often smiles are beautiful and velvety skin.
5. Muscles. During laughter muscles tense. One minute of laughter replaces the 25-minute workout in the gym.
6. Mood. To smile and laugh, because this is the key to a good mood. How much depends know, from the good mood and positive attitude. Less angry and offended. Be cheerful and open person.

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