The Benefits of Onions

18101612One of vegetables, beneficial to human health, is the onions.

Some people eliminate it from your diet, as it has a specific smell and bitter taste, but it is such a large number of nutrients, that healing properties it can be equated to a grenade.

Daily consumption of onion reduces the risk of cardio – vascular diseases. In addition, it is a natural antiseptic that can kill disease-causing germs.

People who suffer from obesity, you just need to include it in your diet, as a bow, not only helps to reduce excess weight, but also prevents the occurrence of diseases such as diabetes.

Due to the fact that the substances contained in the vegetable, eating it, you can lower your cholesterol and your blood vessels will be much more flexible, allowing you to avoid stroke.

Despite the fact that the nutrients more in raw onions, it can be used in the preparation of various dishes, as, during the heat treatment, they are able to maintain a significant portion of vitamins and amino acids.

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