The Benefits of Seaweed

13101617Scientific evidence shows that people who live near the sea, and their diet consists mainly of seafood, much less likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and others.

The sea is rich with gifts, one of which, kelp. Seaweed is rich in content of many nutrients, positively affecting the workings of the human body. None of the product does not contain such amounts of iodine, as in the kelp, as is well known, iodine deficiency in the body may lead to various diseases such as inflammation of the thyroid.

Furthermore, due to high content of magnesium and iron, it enhances the activity of the stomach and the presence of vitamin C, in which the seaweed is greater than lemons, green onion and other fruits, increases immunity and prevents various inflammatory processes.

Japanese scientists say that daily consumption of kelp in small quantities, contributes to the prevention of aging, so you need to make it a rule to include the seafood in your diet.

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