The Benefits of Sushi

Japanese cuisine is common throughout the world. The most favorite dish, no doubt, are sushi. It is difficult to find a person who would be indifferent to them. The product is actually very tasty and useful. Let’s learn more about all the useful properties of sushi.

1. Nori. Nori is algae in which the whole sushi is wrapped. Algae contain a lot of iodine. 30 grams of nori provide a daily requirement for this trace element.
2. Fig. One of the main ingredients of sushi is rice. In the herb contains a lot of B vitamins.
3. Fish and seafood. These products do not need much to talk about. All people are well aware that there are many omega-3 fatty acids in fish. They are of great benefit to our health.

Eat sushi when you feel like it. Recall, a dish can always be cooked at home. On the Internet you can find a lot of videos, and they will tell and show how to do it.

Let’s remind, in classical sushi I use raw fish. But it is best not to risk your health and use sour salted fish (salmon, tuna) for sushi cooking.

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