The Best Age for Childbirth

0509201611Every woman wants to have children. Kinda – this is the fruit of love, which I want to care for and love. Now, however, each woman chooses the time when she give birth. One woman can give birth to 18 years and another 35 years is still in thought. So, when is the best woman to give birth? What do scientists say?

At present, more and more women prefer to give birth after 30 years. This is due to the fact that by this time you can get an apartment, car and make a career. Although physicians are opposed to this trend. To give birth to the firstborn of the best of 30 years. This is due to female physiology. But the woman herself to decide, because no one can make. Scientists say that the time of first birth is directly dependent on how much a woman wants to have children. If for example, a woman plans to give birth to three children, the first one must be born no later than 23 years. If, nevertheless, the woman decided to give birth only once, as an exception, you can give birth to 30 years.

As if there was not only a woman will decide this question, because she bear and bear a child for nine months.

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