The Best Technique to Combat Laziness

110820162US psychologist Jonathan Fader as a result of many years of work with patients able to create his own method, which helps a person to overcome the feeling of laziness. According to these research findings, Jonathan Fader has proven that the reluctance to do something triggers the brain. That the brain is the main blocker, which prevents our desire to do something, to realize the conceived objectives and plans. In addition, it is through its impact on the minds of people quickly give up after the first failure, and does not seek to achieve what planned.

That is why, for the treatment of their patients lazy Dr. Jonathan Fader uses its own methodology, which is based on a sequential alternation of motivation and incentive. By proper selection of elements of praise and motivation, he develops in patients willpower. Every time the brain will try again to get you to stop half way and did not achieve its goals, trained willpower will block the “epicenter of laziness.”

To self-train himself, the doctor advises first to set simple tasks, and then gradually move to more complex. But in any case, you should not stop until you reach the result.

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