The Best Time to Drink Coffee

27101613It has long maintained a dispute about the beneficial and harmful properties of coffee, but, despite the fact that the exact answer is still no, the drink with pleasure consume many citizens.

However, not all people are advised to drink coffee, for example, to such persons are those who have heart problems there, as well as people who suffer from diabetes mellitus, and unbalanced nervous system.

Many coffee lovers are accustomed to drink it on an empty stomach, but as it turned out, this is not worth doing, because as the acid contained in the product, irritate the stomach wall, which can cause heartburn, and in the future, serious diseases such as gastritis, and even ulcer.

As for a cup of coffee, you drink immediately after a meal, it will have no effect, other than taste, will not, because the enzymes that are in it, hinder the full processing of food in the stomach.

The best time to drink coffee, it is not less than an hour after the meal, but in order to feel refreshed in the morning, enough clean glass of water with lemon juice and honey.