The Best Types of Cardio

120920169Everyone wants to live a long time. To do this, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. The most important thing that the heart was fine. To achieve this, you need to exercise regularly. Now it becomes very popular cardio, which decided to end occupation. So, what types of cardio are there?

1. Running. The most popular and affordable form of cardio. Engage all year round, without interruption. In addition, you can run in the morning and evening.
2. Walking. Very useful for a walk before going to bed. It would be useful not only for sleeping, but also the heart. Walk in the park, away from the roads.
3. Bike. Biking is very good for the heart. In summer, you need to ride in the fresh air, while in winter it is possible on a stationary bike.
4. Swimming. With swimming, you can not just train the heart, but also improve your mood. Visit the pool after work. You do not sweep, you will find peace and harmony.
5. Boxing. Boxes may deal not only with men but also women. With the help of the sport can also improve the coordination of movements.

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